About Us

Urban Stable means opportunity.

Opportunity for youth facing challenges to learn horsemanship, handling and riding skills while at the same time learning to engage with others and connect with themselves.

Our experiential riding programs offer Grade 5-12 students – through referral by their school – a chance to practice awareness and responsibility both of and for themselves and in relation to an animal.

Horses are feeling beings with survival instincts and a great sensitivity to their environment and who and what surrounds them. From the moment a student approaches a horse a conversation begins.

Horses offer a unique form of experiential learning as students develop mutual trust and respect through consistency, empathy, genuineness, clear communication and leadership. Our program’s main focus is the development of life skills, which are naturally facilitated through the student’s participation and learning process together with the student’s ability to connect to their horse and their peers.

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 Our Mission is to provide an educational horseback riding program together with public schools that empowers students to stay connected with their education.