Impact Report 2016-2017

impact report

Our Annual Impact Report has a new look – see how we did last year!

Urban Stable’s Annual Impact Report 2016-2017
98% student engagement
30 volunteers gave over 4000 volunteer hours
96% of students reported feeling more……

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School Program Fall Update

Urban Stable School Program is in full swing! We have about 1/3 returning students this fall, that are really excited to be with the horses again, learn new leadership skills, confidence and are looking forward to making new friends. Plus we have new students joining us this year that are eager to get right in there grooming their horses and to learn to ride independently. Classes have been going well, the students are engaged and passionate to learn in our alternative classroom and from their horse.

This year our lesson theme is “Trail Challenge”- the students will work together in teams to complete obstacles one might find on a trail ride. Each student will select an obstacle they want to challenge with their teammates such as: ‘The Toll Bridge’, ‘The Forbidden Forest’, or ‘The Cliffs Edge’! These challenges will focus on teamwork, communication, listening, coordination and leadership skills. (Note: All obstacles pose no danger or harm to horse or student. All obstacles will be represented by poles or cones.)

Our faithful team of volunteers have joined us again this session. We are so thankful to our volunteers as we could not run our program without them. Thank you!

We are always looking for more volunteers that are available during the day on week days. If you know of anyone that might be interested, or if you want to make a difference in a youth’s life and help them unbridle their potential consider volunteering for Urban Stable (some horse experience preferred). Contact Hayley at for more information.

Thank you to Our Board of Directors!

Urban Stable’s Board of Directors is made up of hardworking volunteers that bring their skills and talents to dream of and build up Urban Stable’s programs and future. We are so grateful to all of our board members; Urban Stable could not run without them. We want to give a special thanks to our long time board members who are stepping down, as well as a warm welcome to our new Board of Directors.

A big thank you to Shari Block who served as President, Julie Galluzzo who served as Treasurer, and Jaclyn Koskie who served as a Director. Your faithful contributions to Urban Stable have changed and will continue to change lives. The gifts you have given to Urban Stable over your years of service on the board are invaluable. Thank you.

We are also pleased to welcome some new team members and to announce our current Board of Directors:

Lana Stevenson – President
Michelle Kowalchuck – Vice President
Melissa Klimack – Secretary
Karla Petri -Treasurer
Heather Clements – Director
Val Holloway – Director

We are excited for the energy, skills and ideas you bring to the team and look forward to seeing Urban Stable grow and develop under your care.

Meet a Horse – China

China - horse

China is a Tennessee Walking Horse mare who was born on a large ranch in 2001. She is friendly, energetic and loves tackling challenges with the Urban Stable students.

China is not shy and will make sure she gets lots of attention and cuddles from everyone around her. She loves to meet you in the pasture and walk beside you everywhere you go to try and convince you to bring her in for treats and love.

This spunky girl loves speedy games where she can show off her flat walk, a gait unique to Tennessee Walking Horses. China and her riders are hard to beat when we play rodeo games like barrel racing and pole bending and her sweet and spunky nature helps students embrace the adventure of life.

On the ranch China grew up on, before she began with Urban Stable, one of her jobs was to help move herds of horses and cattle. China has taken this skill with her to her job at Urban Stable and one of her favorite games to play is team penning; where horses and riders work together as a team to herd a ‘calf’ (one of the Urban Stable instructors) back into a pen. China is very good at it!

China loves adventures, playing games, having fun and above all love and attention from the students at Urban Stable.

Welcome to Tavia – Assistant Instructor and Driver


We welcome Tavia to the Urban Stable team this session as our new Assistant Instructor and Urban Stable Driver. She shares her story…

My story with horses began over 15 years ago. As a child, I pestered my parents for riding lessons and was fortunate to have parents who could (and eventually did) say yes to my request. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, horses not only helped me grow in confidence and compassion, but provided me a refuge through the ups and downs of life and gave me something to be proud of all along the way.

As my passion for horses progressed, I gained experience in horse training and barn management and began coaching riding lessons. I am currently an Equestrian Canada Instructor of Beginners, working towards my CanTRA certification, and am also a social work graduate from the Université de Saint-Boniface.

For me, Urban Stable opens the door to horses for young people facing barriers in other parts of their lives, and who might otherwise never have the chance to spend time with a horse. It is so rewarding to see our students progress in skills, ease and confidence as they return each week, and to see the joy they experience so fully with the horses in our program. I am honoured to join the Urban Stable team in 2017 as driver and assistant instructor!


Wendy MacDonald – Our Manitoba Hero!

Our Executive Director, Wendy MacDonald, has put 16 years of hard work and passion into co-founding and running Urban Stable’s equine facilitated learning programs. Working in social services Wendy saw the need for a program that would take students out of the classroom and focus on lifelong transferable skills acquired through interaction with horses. Urban Stable started in 2001 with just one horse and a couple of students and has grown to now having helped over 550 students in 4 unique programs and looking forward to more growth in the future.

We are so proud to announce that Wendy MacDonald, Urban Stable Executive Director, has been awarded the honor of being named a Manitoba Hero! It is Wendy’s compassion, dedication and tenacity that has made Urban Stable what it is today and we are excited that the woman who is a hero to so many at Urban Stable is getting this well deserved recognition. Click here to see Wendy’s video on the Manitoba Heroes Facebook page.

What is a Manitoba Hero? – I hear you ask! Well let me share….

“Our Manitoba Heroes is a celebration of Manitobains who do extraordinary things every day. Manitoba Heroes are individuals who have set out to raise money for a cause they felt needed it – and they needed to do it. Our Heroes have provided comfort and companionship. Our Heroes have created organizations to meet needs in the community. Our Heroes have put compassion into action.” (Our Manitoba Heroes website.)

On October 28, Wendy was honored for her achievements at the Our Manitoba Heroes Gala Dinner. On October 27 there was also an official flag ceremony held at Winnipeg City Hall where all the Manitoba Heroes were acknowledged by Mayor Bowman.

We are so proud that Wendy is being recognised and honored for her achievements helping youth unbridle their potential!

“Heroes are all around us” – Manitoba Heroes

Urban Stable is charity partner at The Lights Fest Event Winnipeg

Join us on Saturday October 7th, 2017 at The Lights Fest event Winnipeg for an evening of family fun and to watch the magical lanterns as they dance in the night sky!

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Thank you for supporting us during the Great Canadian Giving Challenge!

The alumni students and all at Urban Stable want to thank you for supporting Urban Stable during the Great Canadian Giving Challenge.

So far we have raised $985! THANK YOU!!

You still have one more day – donate before midnight June 30th, 2017! Every $1 donated through makes us eligible to win $10,000!

Donate before June 30th midnight!

Erin’s Story

Erin has been with Urban Stable for 5 years and is now an Alumni Student. She shares her story here…

Donate today! Every $1 donated in June through will make us eligible to win $10,000 during the Great Canadian Giving Challenge!

Donate by June 30th!


Thank you Team Viscount – You are a true inspiration!

social justice group

Thank you to the Social Justice Students at Viscount Alexander school, Winnipeg, MB for raising an amazing $473 for Urban Stable. The group held a school dance and chose to raise funds for Urban Stable.

Your fabulous fundraising efforts will fund 1/3 of the cost, above partner contributions, for 1 student to participate at Urban Stable to unbridle their potential for 1 whole year!

Way to go Team Viscount Alexander! You are an inspiration! You are an example of how we can all make a difference! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hooves!horse high hoof!

If you want to learn more about how you can get involved or participate in third party fundraising email us at or follow the link