Paint Party Palooza

Urban Stable hosted its first Paint Party FUNdraiser on Thursday, January 18, and it was a SELL OUT event! The Paint Party was a hit where conversation, laughter and creativity was flowing. Thank you to everyone who attended and let their inner artist out to play. With the successful sell out of this event there will be more Paint Party’s in the future, so keep watch and get your tickets early.

Everyone’s paintings were stunning as each person’s interpretation, flare and colour choices made every piece of artwork beautifully unique.  Check out some of the brilliant artwork created that night in our photo gallery.

If you attended the Paint Party, and have photos from the night, tag and share your photos on Urban Stable’s Facebook page. We would love to see them.

Read what people are saying about their Paint Party experience:

“I have never done one of these paint party things before.  I was a bit nervous. But it was so much fun. Thank you!” Janet, Paint Party attendee.

“It was so relaxing. Work has been so stressful lately, but I found the atmosphere and the action of painting so relaxing tonight. I really needed it. Thanks.” Lynda, Paint Party attendee.

If you want to participate in the next Paint Party, host a Paint Party, or host any other third party fundraisers for Urban Stable contact Hayley for details.

“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent van Gogh

Come to our Bud & Spud Fundraiser – March 9th, 2018

Join us on Friday, March 9, 2018 for Urban Stable’s Fourth Annual Bud & Spud fundraiser being held at the TYC Event Centre, Canad Inns Polo Park.

Our Bud and Spud is a fun evening to socialize, have a casual dinner out with friends, and have the chance to win some great prizes all while supporting your favourite charity – Urban Stable!

This is Urban Stable’s main fundraising event of the year. The money raised through ticket sales and at the event runs our programs and helps youth unbridle their potential. Invite your friends, family, colleagues and spread the word about Urban Stable’s Bud & Spud fundraiser. We look forward to seeing you there!

How you can help make it a success
Purchase tickets for you and your friends.

Event tickets –  $25 (BBQ chicken breast dinner and one beverage).
Support tickets –  $10 for those that cannot attend the event but want to support Urban Stable.

Other ways you can help: 

  • Sell tickets for the event – spread the word
  • Create and donate prize baskets for the silent auction
  • Donate to help purchase grand prizes
  • Volunteer to pick up prize donations

Tickets for the Bud & Spud fundraiser are available now to purchase. All proceeds from the tickets sold benefit the youth in our programs. For tickets, prize donation information/donor letters and to arrange prize donation drop off contact:

Wendy at


Meet a Volunteer

Meet our President

How long have you volunteered for Urban Stable and what is your position?
I have been a volunteer with Urban Stable for four years.  I am a volunteer horse handler as well as on the Board of Directors (President). (Pictured left).

What is your horse experience and qualifications? What has been your experience that gives you the skills and talents you bring to the board?
I have been riding horses for 30 years and have owned horses for the past 17 years.  I ride 3-4 times a week and compete in show jumping.  My horse knowledge, experience as a volunteer and my background in Human Resources and psychology helps me contribute to the Board.

What do you like about volunteering for Urban Stable?
As a volunteer, I love seeing the kids connect with the horses.  It doesn’t take long for the bond to develop and you see a change in the kids as they discover the joy of spending time with horses.

As a Board member, I am excited for the direction Urban Stable is heading.  For 15+ years the program has grown and evolved, and our vision is to continue to expand the program to benefit even more youth.  We have an amazing team of staff and volunteers who work hard to deliver a high quality program to the students. They are ready to take the program to the next level and with the ideas, enthusiasm and dedication they have shown, I have no doubt we will get there!

What is your favourite Urban Stable memory?
I have enjoyed working with every child and horse I have come across.  Some are quiet, some are chatty, some are nervous, some are brave – child and horse alike – but all have something to learn from each other.  One boy I worked with would talk to his horse a lot while grooming, but struggled to make conversation and eye contact with people.  By the end of the year he was walking taller and more confident, engaging people in conversation and allowing his sense of humor and intelligence to shine.  When he returned the next year, he had the biggest smile on his face when he saw the horses in the barn.  It was an amazing transformation from the way he walked in the year before.

Meet a Horse


Rufus is a 15 year old, dun, Appaloosa gelding. Being a dun Rufus has a striking dorsal stripe down his back, and even though he lives in the middle of the Canadian prairies, he has blond highlights in his mane that would make any beach lover jealous.

Rufus has been working with kids since he was 5 years old and excels at his job. He is incredibly patient, calm, understanding and forgiving. Rufus is such a caring teacher that when the Urban Stable students are learning to pick up Rufus’ foot to clean it out, Rufus will often stand holding his foot in the air until his student gets the courage to go in and hold onto it.

Rufus’ good nature is complimented by his goofy personality and great sense of humour. Rufus always has laughter in his eyes and looks for little games to play to amuse himself and make his students laugh. Rufus’ judgement, however, is impeccable and he never takes a game or joke too far. He always stays within his student’s comfort zone.

Rufus anticipates his students’ needs and loves to build a student’s strength, confidence and abilities in the unique way each student requires. Rufus is an amazing horse!

January 31st is “Bell Let’s Talk Day”

“Bell Let’s Talk” is a charitable program dedicated to the promotion and support of mental health across Canada. This program supports a wide range of mental health organizations, focusing on anti-stigma, care and access, workplace mental health and research.

At Urban Stable we know that mental health affects all of us, so on January 31, Bell Let’s Talk Day, let’s join the conversation! On Let’s Talk Day, millions of people in Canada and around the world send messages of support and encouragement for those struggling with mental illness, share their own stories and offer ideas about how we can improve everyone’s mental health.

How can you help?
Use these 5 simple ways to help end the stigma around mental illness developed by Dr. Heather Stuart the Bell Mental Health and Anti-Stigma Research Chair at Queen’s University:

  • Language matters – pay attention to the words you use about mental illness
  • Educate yourself – learn, know and talk more, understand the signs
  • Be kind – small acts of kindness speak a lot
  • Listen and ask – sometimes it’s best to just listen
  • Talk about it – start a dialogue, break the silence

Let’s help keep the conversation going all year long and make every day a day it is okay to talk about mental health.
To learn more visit

Paint Party Fundraiser – Thurs. Jan 18th, 2018

Urban Stable is hosting a Paint Party Fundraiser on Thursday Jan. 18th, 2018 from 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm at Triple B’s, 121 Scurfield Blvd, Winnipeg. Tickets are $42 and available to purchase here on Eventbrite.

Join us for a fun evening with friends, socialising and painting while raising money for charity! All are welcome to attend, so please invite family and friends to join you (this is an 18+ event). All money raised will benefit youth programming at Urban Stable, a local registered charity since 2001, providing equine experitial learning and horsemanship programs to Winnipeg youth grades 5-12. Find out more about the work Urban Stable does at

Our artist will guide you through, step-by-step, to complete an acrylic painting in just two hours while you enjoy sipping on drinks, snacking and chatting up a storm (please note food and drink are not included in your ticket price and must be purchased at the restaurant). The Paint Party starts at 7.00 pm and lasts approximately two hours. All supplies are provided – paint, brushes, canvases and aprons. All the paint we use is non-toxic and water soluble, but we still recommend you wear clothes you do not mind getting dirty.

Come with your friends, bring an open mind, have some fun. We will help you unleash your inner artist – you will be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Remember you can arrive early to chose your seat and to have some dinner and drinks before the painting begins. See you there!

Happy New Year and Thank you!

Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Thank you to EVERYONE who supported Urban Stable this holiday season. Thank you for your kind and generous donations. You are amazing – you have helped Urban Stable raise $5485! We have surpassed our goal! Meaning 4 youth will be sponsored to participate in our school program for a whole year. They will be given the opportunity to find stability, connection, comfort, confidence, leadership, and discover their potential.

This holiday season we shared true stories of how your support and contributions have helped youth, like Raj, Katya, Nevaeh, Mario, Brent and Suki, unbridle their potential in 2017. You continued support will help more youth in 2018.  Thank you for sponsoring the youth in our programs and our awesome program horses. You have given a life changing gift where more youth can unbridle their potential.

Happy New Year and Heartfelt Thanks,
From all at Urban Stable.

Raj’s Story…

Raj (who’s name and pictures have been changed to protect his privacy) was struggling. He found it hard to focus and was disconnected at school and at home. Raj’s behaviour was defiant and disruptive and his grades at school had fallen. In the past Raj’s teacher had found Raj to be a helpful and dedicated student. His teacher couldn’t understand why Raj had taken such a negative turn… Raj had lost his mother. The family was grieving and it was evident Raj was having a hard time dealing with his grief.

Raj’s school counsellor knew Urban Stable could help Raj feel cared for and special and that horses are healers who could help Raj through his grieving process. The school counsellor offered this life changing and healing opportunity to Raj.

At first Raj was unsure if Urban Stable was right for him as he was a little nervous of the horses, but each week as Raj spent time with his horse his uncertainty diminished. In his horse Raj found comfort and friendship. While Raj groomed his horse or waited for his turn to mount he would stroke and hug his horse and whisper in his horse’s ear. Raj’s connection with his horse was healing his aching heart.

Through Raj’s relationship with his horse Raj became more confident and willing to engage positively with the world around him. He began interacting and building relationships with his Urban Stable teammates and he found the strength to deal with the strong emotions of grief he was experiencing. Raj reconnected at school and at home and his behaviour and grades improved.

In his horse Raj found a deep, comforting, non-judgmental connection which helped him open up to his school counsellor and develop self control as he worked through his grieving process. Raj will always remember his mom and now, through his connection with his horse, Raj is able to take positive steps toward healing so he can reach his potential.

You can hep more students like Raj by giving the gift of potential.  Donate today.

Wrap up the year by giving back! Donate today before midnight to get a 2017 charitable tax receipt AND help youth unbridle their potential.

It is not too late to consider giving the gift of potential this Holiday season and get your tax-deductible receipt. Spread the word of the life changing work Urban Stable does and donate today. Your donations will help more students like Raj discover their potential and find connection and comfort.

Wishing you a Happy New Year from all of us at Urban Stable!

“Urban Stable is fun because it’s made me smile every time I have had a bad day.
It’s overall fun.” –  Raj, 12 years old

Katya’s Story…

By the time Katya (who’s name and pictures have been changed to protect her privacy) came to Urban Stable in grade 5 she had already dealt with difficulties beyond her young years. Katya had lived in numerous homes with different families and even in hotels. She had to navigate through these uncertain and unstable circumstances doing the best she could.

Katya’s school counsellor knew how much Katya was struggling and asked her if she wanted to attend Urban Stable. Her counsellor knew how much Katya could benefit from the horses and the program, and so Katya started Urban Stable. The first few weeks of the program Katya was so excited she could hardly pay attention and was unable to control or focus her energy. You could also see Katya wasn’t sure if her good luck in coming to Urban Stable was going to last, just as her home situations never seemed to last.

As Katya returned to Urban Stable week after week, and her horse remained a constant friend and partner no matter what else was going on, Katya began to settle into the steadying Urban Stable routine. As time went on Katya’s unfocused energy began to focus on being a strong, empathetic friend and leader not only with her horse, but with her Urban Stable teammates as well.

Katya has really blossomed from having a safe place at Urban Stable where she can rely on the stability of the program and her horse. This consistency and safety have allowed Katya to learn how to be a leader with her teammates, her horse and in her own life, despite all the factors outside of her control.

Katya now comes to Urban Stable every week with a big smile and positive, focused energy. She has become a strong leader with her horse and teammates and has become so secure in herself that she is always the first one to offer suggestions and help to others.

Urban Stable has allowed Katya to transform from feeling out of control in her life circumstances to being a leader in her life with the skills and tools she needs to take on the challenges she faces.

Give more youth like Katya the gift of stability to discovering their potential. Donate today.

The end of the year is quickly approaching and that means there are only 3 days left to give your tax-deductible charitable donations for 2017. Give the gift of potential today and get back on your taxes, it’s win-win! Change lives like Katya’s and save in the new year, every donation gets us closer to our goal of $4000.

Katya’s story shows the amazing things your donations have done in 2017 and what they will continue to do for more youth like Katya in 2018!

Happy Holidays!