Our Horses

agent-q horse

Agent Q

Agent Q, a 2002 Thoroughbred gelding, was once a racing star - he won one race, but found the fame too much! Q enjoys his slower pace in life at Urban Stable now. Q loves napping, especially while being groomed, and taking things slow and sometimes needs lots of encouragement to stay on task. He enjoys cuddles and ground games.

jack horse


Jack, a 2006 Quarter Horse gelding, is a gentle giant.  Jack takes care of his rider be it on trail, at camp or in the arena.  Jack gently teaches the Urban Stable students about horses and riding.  He loves being groomed and receiving hugs.

Peeka Horse


Peeka, a 2006 Paint mare, is cheeky and extremely inquisitive! Peeka is bright, she wants to know everything you are doing and how she can help. She loves being brushed and even tries passing the brushes to you! She is fun to ride and will teach you lots about leadership!

Lucy pony


Lucy, a 1999 Paint Pony mare, is sweet as she is cute! You will often see her resting one leg over the other just hanging out with you, waiting for the next activity. Lucy is eager to try hard for her rider and has a sweet disposition.  The perfect pony!

Rufus Horse


Rufus is a handsome 2002 Appaloosa Dun gelding.  He is cheeky and fun to ride. But don't be fooled by his cheeky spirit he is quiet, dependable and takes care of nervous riders.

china horse


China is a 2001 Tennessee Walker mare who is loving and caring towards her rider. She loves spending time with you and will be the first to meet you in the pasture.  China tries really hard for her rider and wants to please you. China will steal your heart.

taco horse


Taco, a 1997 Draft Paint Cross Bay Pinto Gelding, is a true gentleman.  Taco has experienced all aspects of equine activities but now he spends his time teaching the Urban Stable students horsemanship skills. Taco likes to nap and is happy to have another horsey bottom to follow!