School Program

The School Program is not just an exercise in riding horses … nor is it simply a classroom experience.

Students get hands-on experience with grooming, tacking, leading, ground exercises and riding but also get to learn critical social skills and share their learning experiences with their teammates.  Each group of four students bonds and learns to depend on each other to establish trust, teamwork, leadership, and most of all…the respect of their horse!

Process Oriented Experiential Learning with horses (also referred to as Equine Facilitated Learning) is woven into all aspects of our classes, allowing students to fill in the unique social gaps they each have experienced.

The scope of the School Program is present and solution-focused – and that means we don’t know all the details about participants’ history, just the information required for us to provide the safest and best experience possible while adhering to all CanTRA safety guidelines.

The School Program focuses primarily on able-bodied students and their emotional, social and mental health wellness. The students participating in the School Program are from grades 5-8 and are referred by their school contacts to participate in the program.

Different also from basic riding lessons, our focus is on our students’ relationship and communication with their horses.

Ultimately, students learn horsemanship and how to ride while participating in a long-term journey to social and emotional skill development.